High Rock Trekkers History

The High Rock Trekkers (HRT) is a nonprofit organization comprised of 4-wheelers from several states. Founded in 1986, our goal is to promote family 4-wheeling and to protect the country’s natural resources and the preservation of early emigrant trails.

The High Rock Trekkers members have contributed thousands of hours performing conservation projects in the Black Rock Desert and the High Rock Canyon, such as:

    • Installing gates for seasonal closures of sensitive areas to protect the bald eagle and big horn sheep during breeding and birthing seasons

    • Installing culverts to protect roads at water crossings

    • Building fences around hot springs

    • Design, construct and installing register boxes

    • Design and print brochures for register boxes

    • Perform maintenance and restoration on the cabins at Stevens Camp and Conlin Camp

    • Cleaning illegal garbage dumpsites from various locations

    • Installing barriers to protect meadows from vehicular traffic

2023 High Rock Trekkers Officers

President: Jami Walker
Vice President: Jim Eccelstone
Secretary: Caylee Walker
Treasurer & CFO: Sue Bernard
Lassen Applegate Trailmaster: Alden Bailey
Lassen Applegate Registrations: Cheryl Casagrande
Conservation: Warner Anderson
Social: Cheryl Casagrande
Membership: Anton Gamsby
Delegate: Kevin Casagrande
Sgt. at Arms: Alden Bailey

Past and Loved Members in Memorium

Ed Dunkley
June Dunkley
Phil Fellows
Dave Wheeler
Richard Oshira
Butch Bullock
Diane Bullock

Bill Macrusky
“Oly” Olson
Tara Ballard
Ron Vance
Jesse Lee
George Hucks
Jim Goforth

Louie Hicks
Dana Holland
Jackie Holland
Tom Harris
Patricia Harris
Sharon Bement